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Affiliate Management

Affiliate Program Managers (APM) are those people in a position of managing an affiliate program, and assisting the affiliates of their program in generating more sales.

Affiliate managers are sometimes the business owner who created the affiliate program in the first place, but are also sometimes people who have been hired by a business owner to either create an affiliate program and/or manage an existing affiliate program.

An affiliate manager's duties may vary considerably depending on your program requirements. We supply Affiliate Program Managers.

Affiliate managers that have been hired to focus on maximizing an affiliate programs earning potential usually have many more duties, skills, and credentials.

These duties may include:

Creating or building the affiliate program from the bottom up, or improving it.

Keeping in close contact with their top affiliates both through e-mail and over the phone.

Training affiliates in both offline and internet marketing.

Providing up to date promotional materials for the affiliate programs products or services.

Keeping their affiliates up to date with new product/service upgrades, enhancements, or launches.

Motivating affiliates to promote and sell more products/services.

Recruiting more affiliates into the program.

Keeping track of sales made by affiliates or liaising with site management on this issue.

Our typical APM charges vary according to how much fixed time is required every month however we are also able to discuss a performance based program which dispenses with the monthly fee in return for a performance fee.

Outsourced Program Management

Quality affiliate managers are in short supply for merchants who prefer in-house management. We supply Outsourced Program Managers (OPMs), providing affiliate program management and consulting on behalf of merchants.

Our OPMs manage multiple affiliate programs, with some maintaining a support staff of affiliate managers which are dedicated to each merchant client. OPMs often provide greater value and lower costs to merchants than in-house employees.

OPMs typically bring a directory of existing affiliate partnerships to their merchant clients, and can extend the merchants offer to their personal network if the program is worthwhile.

Additionally, merchants find cost benefits in OPM firms, as OPMs operate as independent contractors. OPM fees typically have a fee in flat rates, most of which typically operate on a monthly rate and generally include a performance override.

Many OPMs also offer consulting services for merchants, including single-run affiliate recruitment, affiliate program optimization, program launch services, and affiliate tools/technology development.

Contact us today for a tailored quote. All contracts are negotiated separately. Flambi Media operates OPM and APM services to a number of clients in many different commercial sectors.

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